.ME was the ccTLD originally designated for Montenegro, but has since come into widespread use as a specialty TLD that can be registered by anyone. 

First available in May 2008, .ME has since grown to over 400,000 registrations, making it one of the fastest-selling TLDs.

.ME is particularly popular because it makes for excellent "domain hacks", such as 'http://who.unfollowed.me'.

Why offer .ME?

The .ME extension is is positioned as a domain name that "speaks for itself". It is an excellent choice for individuals looking for a unique, personalized domain name. Although it is a rapidly growing TLD, the overall number of registrations is still fairly low, meaning there are lots of great domain names available.

Code: 45JSW1FRVA
  vaild to:  30 June 2015

after: £ 15.00 per year

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

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